Bosteels Brewery

After more than 200 years in the hands of the Bosteels family, the brewery today counts on the craft of seven generations. Jean-Baptiste Bosteels founded the brewery in 1791 and sadly passed away 3 years later. The generations that followed took over the brewery with equal passion and never stopped brewing, even during the World Wars.
Over the years, the brewery has played such an important role that we are not surprised that 3 of the 7 generations were elected mayor of Buggenhout.

During the year 1930, Antoine Bosteels, 5th generation, continued the brewing dynasty and expanded sales to other regions. The beer found its way to major Belgian cities such as Ghent, Antwerp and Brussels.

His son Ivo Bosteels honored the iconic beer of Pauwel Kwak and brought it back on the market in 1980. It is the starting point of modern, strong beers for Brouwerij Bosteels. In the 1990s, Antoine Bosteels, the son of Ivo and the 7th generation, understood the potential of strong beers. In particular, strong blond beers were on the rise. Driven by the passion of the art of brewing and guided by his creativity, Antoine is at the origin of the beers Tripel Karmeliet and DeuS Brut des Flandres.